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Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences



John Story Jenks Academy for Arts and Sciences develops caring, responsible, reflective thinkers, who are curious, open-minded, and innovative.
Our students engage in interdisciplinary educational opportunities through Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics that expand our educational experience beyond the walls of the school as global learners.


The vision of John Story Jenks Academy for Arts and Sciences is to develop student innovation, inquiry, reflection, and positive action while promoting student agency, compassion, advocacy, and responsiveness to the needs of the community and the world.



It is an honor to serve the hundreds of students bestowed in our care as we work in partnership with their families and the community.

Here at Jenks, we are committed to offering supportive environments for our members to flourish! We embody the core values of our mission and vision as caring, responsible, and reflective practitioners.  Our staff continuously engages in professional learning communities to intellectually prepare rigorous academic practices while prioritizing equity and the well-being of our children. Together, we will ensure that our students here at Jenks receive the love, guidance, and support they need to prosper and succeed.

Jenks School thrives “beyond the walls of the school” alongside the strong partnerships that support us. We are thankful for the commitment of our Home and School Association, Friends of Jenks and the Chestnut Hill community organizations that help our school grow.  We do this work for our students, united together, to make our tomorrow even better than today! Join us in our mission to support our neighborhood school in Chestnut Hill. If you haven’t already done so, we invite all families to become members of our Home and School Association and Friends of Jenks. Join us!

Yours in Partnership,

Corinne Scioli









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