• To support the creation of a safe learning environment for all members of the school community.

• To provide clear and explicit expectations for social behaviors in all school settings.

• To provide administrators with interventions that address students’ disruptive behaviors
Purpose of the Code of Conduct
The safety and security of all school children is our highest priority, and The School District of Philadelphia is committed to providing a safe learning environment.


The Code of Student Conduct establishes policies, rules, and expectations for all school community members to learn, teach, and work together.

Consequences for students who endanger school safety or disrupt the educational experience of others are listed in detail. The Code of Student Conduct applies during school and on the way to and from school, including, but not limited to travel on School District vehicles, private transportation, and public transit systems.

Families and guardians are critical to our community. We ask that they please read and understand the Code of Student Conduct and School Student Handbook, and discuss them with their children. We understand that families and guardians know best how to make sure that their children understand the expectations that will lead to a safe and orderly school community.

This Code of Student Conduct provides definitions of disruptive behaviors. Although some definitions include examples, the behaviors include, but are not limited to, the examples given.

Parents, guardians, and caregivers who have any questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the school principal and/or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
District Policy Regarding  Behavior
Responsibilities of Everyone

• Respect all members of the school community.

• Maintain a positive school climate by being responsible, respectful, and cooperative.

• Communicate Code of Student Conduct expectations for students and staff.

•  Motivate students to live up to the expectations through positive reinforcement.

• Use good judgment to prevent minor incidents from becoming major problems.


Responsibilities of Students

• Respect all members of the school community.

• Understand and comply with school rules and climate expectations, including the Code of Student Conduct and School Student Handbook.

• Comply with the School District’s attendance, dress code, unlawful harassment, and bullying policies.

• Behave in a manner that focuses on academic success.

• Be responsible and accountable for following rules.

School Uniform Policy


Grades K – 5

The Board of Education has adopted a mandatory uniform policy for all students. Starting the first day

of school in September, Jenks students are required to wear the designated Jenks School uniform. All

students are expected to adhere to this uniform policy. Failure to wear the school uniform will result in

appropriate disciplinary action. Our Code of Students Conduct outlines the details of our uniform

policy and consequences for not wearing the proper uniform. (Level 1, Rule 2)

The Jenks School uniform will be strictly enforced:


BOYS—Navy or white shirts with a collar, long or short sleeves. Turtlenecks may be worn in cold

weather. No logos, designs, slogans, or stripes with the exception of the Jenks School logo. Khaki

(tan) pants are required, brown or black belt if needed. Pants MUST be worn at the waist!


GIRLS—Navy or white shirts with a collar, long or short sleeves. Turtlenecks may be worn in cold

weather. No logos, designs, slogans, or stripes with the exception of the Jenks School logo. Khaki

(tan) skirt, jumper, or pants are required. Jeans may not be worn under skirts. Leg wear should be

navy or white.


* Knee length Khaki shorts may be worn during the months of September and June.

* Students may wear a navy sweater, sweatshirt or vest in cold weather.

* Students may not wear t-shirts, v-neck or collarless tops.

* Excessive jewelry is prohibited. Girls may wear post earrings only.


* HOODIES may not be worn unless they bear the official Jenks School logo

(available in the Home and School Office).


* No Sandals or Flip Flops may be worn as part of the school attire.


Gym Uniforms

In order to implement our physical education program, proper attire is necessary. Preparation for class

is part of the student’s overall subject grade. Appropriate gym clothing to meet the needs of personal

cleanliness and maximum safety is required. Navy blue sweat clothes and sneakers are required. The

navy blue gym uniform may be worn all day.


Changes for Middle School Academy Students

As stated inthe Parent-Student Handbook this year, there is a change to the Middle School Academy student’s uniform taking effect September 2013. As we work to prepare our children academically for the ever increasing challenge of the 21st century workforce, we wish to have our students see themselves as professionals they will become. The required dress code will not only embody a sense of professionalism but also a uniformaity mandated by the district.


The major change is the addition of the “Belair” plaid skirt for girls and the blue and green wide striped tie with thin red and yellow stripes for boys.  “Belair” plaid is green and navy plaid with accents of thin red and yellow stripes. The skirt is available at Lands End. The skirt and tie are readily available and a list of stores and suppliers is listed on the Middle School Packet that was sent home in June. Uniforms are available at Land’s End, Dennis Uniforms and Sears.


MSA Dress Code


For the 2017-2018 school year students may either continue wearing the previous uniform of dress shirt & tie or wear the Jenks polo shirt with khakis.

2017-2018 Jenks Middle School Dress Policy
*Jenks middle school academy polo shirt.  Polo shirts can be viewed and purchased from the group order form at Custom Ink:  You will select the shirt size, number of shirts, and purchase directly from Custom Ink.  The estimated cost is $10 per shirt and shipping is free.  There is no need to send money in to Jenks.  Shirts will be printed after the September 12 deadline and delivered to Jenks.

*Navy Blue cardigan or sweater vest.   (no hoodies)
*Belair (hunter green/navy blue plaid) skirt or navy/khaki dress pants.  Skirts should be knee-length.  Pants cannot be skinny cut.
*Black or brown dress shoes, or sneakers.  No boots except for days of inclimate weather (snow or ice)
*Hair accessories must be navy blue or white. Bandanas are not permitted.  Earrings must be kept as studs only.  Flashy jewelry will not be tolerated.

*Navy blue cardigan or sweater vest  (no hoodies)
*Navy/khaki dress pants (no cargo pants)
*Black or brown dress shoes, or sneakers.  No boots except for days of inclimate weather (snow or ice)


The above uniform policy is for Monday through Thursday of each week.  On Fridays students may wear khaki pants and any Jenks shirt (Field/Color Day, Museum Week, Chess team, sports, etc.).

Phys. Ed Uniform
*Solid navy blue sweat pants (no stripes or logos)
*Solid navy blue t-shirt or any Jenks shirt (Museum Week, etc.)
*The only logo that may be worn is the Jenks logo

Casual Days
Certain days will be designated as Casual Days and the following guidelines should be used when selecting clothing for these days:
~no ripped or tight jeans
~no white undershirts worn as outer wear
~no headwear (hats, bandanas, etc.)
~no inappropriate logos, text, or pictures
~no sandals, flip flops, slippers, or open-toe shoes

Not Permitted….

– jeans

– hoodies

– flip flops

– bottoms above finger tip length


Dress Down Day

Phone messages are delivered prior to Dress Down days, if you do not receive a phone message, PLEASE inform the school of your phone number