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September, 2018

Dear John Story Jenks School Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 academic year! Many and diverse learning experiences are in place for your children this year. Our goal is to challenge your children intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent thinking and problem solving. As we strive to promote healthy development in all aspects of each student’s life, we also strive to develop a student body of good character–students who make good choices and decisions resulting in successful and healthy outcomes. We encourage students to demonstrate the best of them every moment of everyday and to make positive contributions to the groups and organizations to which they belong. We strive to instill within our student body a sense of personal pride as well as collective pride and love of and for our school.

With the district working to stabilize, a national curriculum coming into focus, and a lackluster budget, we will be faced with challenges of a new magnitude. Now, more than ever, we mustask our parents to support our efforts and join a parent committee to give our children the best that we have to offer. Please consider joining our Home and School Association, the Friends of J.S. Jenks, the Jenks Beautification Committee, the Men of Jenks, or simply volunteer. We need you!

The staff and I are excited to implement our school wide goals for the 2017-2018 academic year and continue to offer diverse and exemplary programs, events and activities to be enjoyed by students and their families. Just like last year, look for an outline of this year’s events in the Student/Parent Handbook distributed early September. Here you will find a calendar full of tentative dates for all pre-planned events to assist you in planning your schedules.

I will continue to host our monthly Principal’s Coffee Hour.I invite parents to join me to learn about up-coming events, what’s new, discuss school programs and activities and share ideas over coffee and donuts in the library.

Thank you for your continuing cooperation, support, encouragement, and commitment to the educational achievement and advancement of our students. I look forward to another productive year serving at John Story Jenks School…where great minds come alive!

With warmest regards,

Mary Lynskey


The mission of the Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences is to ensure that every student is inspired and prepared to be a passionate, lifelong learner. We believe that a STEAM-fueled (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) rigorous curriculum celebrates the joy of inquiry and raises analytical thinking. Coupled with strong community partnerships and supportive and encouraging learning community, Arts and Sciences education will nurture children, who will become productive, invested participants in a local and global community.

• To engage students where their strengths and talents lie so that they may experience success and build confidence to take on new challenges.

• To remove the walls and bells from the learning by offering experiences outside the classroom and school day to develop the habit of seeing learning opportunity everywhere

• To encourage students to seek to learn out of passion not requirement. They will be self-driven to discover, have a hunger to explore, and a confidence to take risks.

We believe . . .

Teachers must be dedicated lifelong learners who address the learning styles of all students through rigorous inquiry-based, differentiated instruction

Each student is unique and possesses the ability to achieve at high academic levels

Teachers must share, cultivate, and search for the untapped potential that lies within every student by providing them a learning environment that will support and foster enthusiasm for mastery of essential skills, critical thinking, and enduring understandings

Teachers have a responsibility to guide each student in realizing self-worth and personal responsibility while emphasizing the importance of respecting diversity

Teachers are responsible for preparing students for success in middle school and beyond, and ultimately to meet the increasing demands of a global society and workforce

A positive and supportive school community is directly related to student success

Education works best when students, families, school staff, educational entities, business and community leaders are meaningfully involved in the education process